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myResponseToTrumpFacebookPost While glancing at a Facebook page, I came upon a post that was unabashedly pro-Trump. I am always searching for a thoughtful, articulate explanation of why someone supports trump. Unfortunately, I was soon disappointed, as the post consisted of undocumented generalizations that propagated already-known falsehoods and misinformation. So I am still searching. I was so distressed by the contents of this post that I decided to explicitly document and analyze each bit of misinformation. I do not wish this to become personal, and I mean no disrespect to the otherwise kind individual who posted this. So I am taking the approach that my analysis is meant to help to inform those who inadvertently and unintentionally propagate such misinformation.
Barrys Nonsense Anthology The current political system is based on a model proposed by privileged white propertied male (some slave-owners) more than 200 years ago. The earmark of our system is corruption by the infiltration of vast sums of unaccounted non-transparent money. I am suggesting a much better alternative than traditional voting that retains the (limited) benefits of voting, and potentially eliminates the drawbacks: This alternative is election by random selection from a suitable pool of people. That is, we would no longer vote. We would no longer be subject to ambitious men and women who are seeking to be elected for their own advancement. Instead, an ordinary individual who is lucky enough to be randomly selected is much more likely to be inspired and motivated by a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to truly make a positive impact on their own society.
Barrys Nonsense Anthology A collection of short humorous verses (reading this is an excellent reason to put off doing laundry, washing dishes, paying bills, or doing your taxes). Some of them actually rhyme. You will read about a prim and proper lady from China, an old elevator operator, and a girl named Violette who had a disastrous relationship with a navy piolette.
Private Parts
Private Parts

A Play In One Act

A short satirical play depicting Donald Trump as a bumbling dictator in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
Visual Puns A collection of humorously annotated juxtaposed images carefully selected from what is publicly available on the internet. A favorite is the picture of the toucans that live as cheaply as one.
Prejudice A Philosophical, Sociological, and Biological Evolutionary Inquiry into the Relationship of External Reality and the Human Brain.